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– About Tessie Hintze –

Tessie Hintze

Tessie Hintze

Account Manager

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Tessie Hintze is a passionate and detail-oriented professional. She embarked on her academic journey at Arizona State University, where she studied Psychology, ultimately earning her B.A. This educational background equipped her with a keen understanding of human behavior and the nuances of client relations.

Tessie’s career path took an impactful turn when she joined The Department of Child Safety as an Investigator. Through this work, Tessie solidified her passion for human relations and advocacy, especially for those in vulnerable situations. Protecting the rights of those in need became a driving force in her career, which is why she finds the law environment to be a great fit.

She is grateful to have the opportunity to support the firm in day-to-day functioning and organization within the billing department. She excels not only in managing complex billing processes but also in client interactions. Her ability to address billing queries and concerns promptly and accurately showcases her attention to detail, and consideration of client’s experience.

Beyond the workplace, Tessie is a lover of music, and she will gladly talk your ear off about her favorite musicians and bands. She enjoys spending quality time with loved ones and expresses her creative spirit through fiber arts and various crafts.

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