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– Colburn Hintze Maletta Reviews –

Below are just some of our real reviews from real clients of Colburn Hintze Maletta. These CHM Law reviews are from people just like you that were in need of dedicated and aggressive legal representation. Read their stories to see why our attorneys have been recognized and awarded as the best DUI lawyer, best criminal defense attorney, best family law attorney, and best divorce lawyer time after time.

Attorney David Maletta

Jane Anderson - Google Review

Personal Injury

“I couldn’t be happier with their service.”

I hired CHM a day before I left out of state for my son’s wedding. I had been in a terrible car accident the night before I left and had no car, no help and no idea what to do after the accident. The legal team took care of everything for me. From my property damage to helping me get a new car. I couldn’t be happier with their service.

Arizona Attorney Timothy Hintze

Dylan - AVVO Review

Criminal Defense Client

“Tim was absolutely amazing and worked diligently”

I had an incident and was given the catch-all charge. There wasn’t really anything I could do by myself to get out of it. Tim was absolutely amazing and worked diligently to ensure that I would have the best possible outcome from my case. Which he successfully achieved! As of right now, I am on the path to having my case fully dismissed. A couple of things that really helped me through this process was that Tim did an amazing job at answering my questions. He was available almost anytime and would respond promptly when he got my emails. He was also very approachable and comforting to be around while we had in person meetings and especially when I was at the court house. I would trust him and the company he works for with any other cases in the future, and as of right now, they will be my first choice if I need a lawyer in the future.

Attorney David Maletta

Mayra Alvarado - Google Review

Personal Injury

“Got the most for the injury.”

Got the most for the injury, plus great customer service.

Attorney Jessica Hernandez

Patrick Martin - Google Review

Car Accident Injury

“Best injury lawyers in Phoenix!”

I hired CHM Injury Attorneys after I got rear-ended and could not be happier with my decision. Darin, Jessica, Libby, Maeve, and the whole team have been awesome! They are knowledgeable and kept me informed throughout the case. Most importantly they helped me get the care I needed when I needed it. With CHM I didn’t feel like just another case. I felt like family. I strongly recommend CHM! They are the best injury lawyers in Phoenix!

Attorney David Maletta

Robin Gasser - Google Review

Family law

“He handled his legal defense with total professionalism”

David Maletta helped My teenage son thru a very tough time. He handled his legal defense with total professionalism and discretion. David got us the best outcome and I am very grateful for all he has done for us. David and his team should be the first to call when ever you are requiring legal help.
Not enough stars for this one.


Attorney David Maletta

Shawn H. - Google Review

Criminal Speeding Client

“David was relentless in his pursuit of my son’s innocence”

We retained David Maletta to represent our son after being cited for what can only be described as a momentary lapse of reason. David was extremely knowledgeable, was able to clearly communicate very complicated concepts, and was relentless in his pursuit of my son’s innocence. He had strong relationships with the prosecuting attorney and respect of the judge, which ultimately resulted in my son learning a really hard lesson with limited consequences (traffic school and writing an essay to the judge on the physics of driving 130MPH and what happens if that goes badly). I have already sent all of my friends with teenage and 20 year old kids his contact information for when they inevitably get that call. David completely exceeded all of our expectations and we could not recommend him any stronger. Thank you for everything.

Arizona attorney Darin Colburn

Frank - AVVO Review

Divorce / Reconciliation Client

“The calm in the middle of my storm…”

I recently consulted with Darin after my wife filed for divorce. He was referred to me by a friend whom I very much trust. Darin was the antithesis of the first two attorneys I consulted (who were matter-of-fact and had very little empathy about the fact that I was struggling emotionally with what was transpiring). From the first few minutes of speaking with Darin, it was obvious that he was very knowledgeable and skilled with divorce and family matters. While that was most important to me, the thing that made the difference was his calming, logical, and empathetic approach. He took the time to listen and empathize with me. He took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve through this process and laid out my options. After the consultation, I knew he would be my attorney if I had to pull the trigger. I, ultimately, didn’t have to engage Darin’s services due to a reconciliation with my wife. I hope I never have to go through that process again. However, if I do, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt who I will be hiring to represent me…Darin R. Colburn. Darin, thank you for caring and being more than an attorney.

Attorney David Maletta

Lauren Koontz - Google Review

DUI Defense Client

“Nothing but good things to say about my experience.”

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience working with David Maletta. I was in a very high-stress situation facing a pending DUI charge. He doesn’t know this, but I actually interviewed 5 potential lawyers, and he was the most optimistic of all of them. He took over and handled everything, and now I don’t have to live with a DUI. Thank you so much for everything! Highly recommend them to anyone looking for legal help.

Attorney Jessica Hernandez

Michael Carlson - Google Review

Personal Injury

“Helped me get the settlement I felt I deserved”

Jessica H. and Juanita P. helped me get the settlement I felt I deserved. They will go to the mat for you to win!

Attorney David Maletta

Gregory - AVVO Review

Criminal Defense Client

“I was found NOT GUILTY. Dave won the trial for me.”

Dave stayed with me while he pushed back and forth with Covid-19 and the delays with court. Once cited, the state basically decides that you’re guilty through the automatic suspension of your drivers license. Dave immediately took care of that problem and I never lost the privilege of driving. Dave took notes like crazy and was upfront about our uphill battle. I was also well aware that the plea deal that was given to us, was unacceptable and through Dave’s knowledge and experience I had put my trust in him to guide me to make the right decision on how to proceed. With Dave’s guidance I had decided that we needed to fight for something better than what the prosecutor was offering and Dave was 100 percent behind me on that decision. We knew the risks, be we also knew we had very little to lose based on the prosecutions stance. We decided to go to trial… Watching the prosecution and then watching Dave was night and day!! It was clear to the jury that the prosecution didn’t have their facts straight and were not addressing the facts that they could not address…There was a lot at stake for my personal life and my work life. I was found NOT GUILTY. Dave won the trial for me.

Arizona attorney Darin Colburn

Gary C. - Google Review

Family Law Client

“Very professional, very empathetic, and very responsive to all the issues.”

I had the opportunity to work with Darin during a very troublesome time in my life. As a family attorney, I found him to be very professional, very empathetic, and very responsive to all the issues I faced. I would recommend him to anyone without a second thought. Thank you, Darin!

Arizona Attorney Timothy Hintze

Steven Scharboneau - Google Review

Family Law

“Their attention to detail and dedication to their clients is next to none”

Tim and Dave are two of the best attorneys I have ever known. Their attention to detail and dedication to their clients is next to none. It is an honor to highly recommend this firm for representation.

Arizona Attorney Timothy Hintze

Joseph A. - Google Review

Divorce Client

“I would give them more stars, but the option is not there”

Best divorce lawyers in Arizona, hands down. Timothy Hintz handled my divorce, and as a father, I have my son and our house. I would give them more stars, but the option is not there. His paralegal Jennifer Bone is extremely competent, and the whole team is very friendly. Took a big weight off, having them behind me.

Arizona Attorney Timothy Hintze

Holly Weber - Google Review

DUI Defense Client

“Responsive, sympathetic, professional, patient, and kind.”

On one of the worst and most surreal nights of my life (do not EVER get a DUI people!) I was lucky enough to find my way to Tim Hintze. Being in Phoenix for the Thanksgiving holiday from out of town, and after spending the evening with family, I ended up spending the night in jail.

Tim turned one of the worst experiences in my life into “it could have been so much worse!” Working with him from a different state, he covered the bases & paperwork, showed up for me in court, gave me numerous connections to muck my way through the system, and held my hand the whole way.

I cannot imagine how much worse this experience could have been, and thanks to Tim, I didn’t need to. He was responsive, sympathetic, professional, patient, and kind throughout the long process, drawn out by many months due to Covid.

Keep Tim’s number handy and in your contacts in the event you are ever in the sorry position to need a DUI lawyer!

Attorney David Maletta

Jacob - AVVO Review

DUI Defense Client

“There is NOBODY I would rather have defending me than David”

I hired David Maletta and it was the best decision of my life. His knowledge, genuine interest, overall attitude, and ability to connect with people is incomparable. I could talk about all of this at length. I COULD do all of that, but that wouldn’t do David justice. He first and foremost demonstrates his interest and genuine care for his client. Being in uncharted territory with a criminal charge and nowhere to turn, David’s presence and personality put all nerves at ease. I went through a jury trial with David beside me. The trial ran for 3 days and I spent a significant amount of time with David one-on-one. During this stressful time, he wanted to hear my input and thoughts on everything. David was incredible from the first day I met him. Not only is he a great attorney, but he is also a great person who cares about people and finding justice for his clients. He connects to the human side of people. I can’t put into words how much David cares about the individual in a case. When it comes to the courtroom, there is NOBODY I would rather have defending me than David.

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