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Choosing A Tucson Family Law Attorney or Divorce Lawyer

The divorce process in Tucson can be a difficult and time-consuming experience. If you are having trouble working through the divorce on your own, consider hiring an experienced divorce lawyer who can provide guidance and support throughout the divorce process.

You need the help of a divorce lawyer who you can trust and rely on. That begins by choosing attorneys with experience and knowledge about divorce and family law matters, as well as excellent reputations throughout Tucson and the surrounding communities. The divorce lawyers at Colburn Hintze Maletta (CHM Law) work closely with our clients to resolve divorce cases quickly and efficiently.

Our divorce lawyers stay current on all changes to Arizona divorce law, which is why it’s important that you choose us for assistance with your divorce case or other family law matter.

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Facts About Tucson

Tucson | Visit Tucson Arizona

Tucson | Visit Tucson Arizona

Family Law & Divorce Representation in Tucson

Divorce with or Without Children  – If you and your spouse believe that you have reached the end of your marriage and want to file for divorce, getting help from an experienced family law attorney is critical.  Regardless of whether you will be going through a dissolution of marriage with or without children, a divorce lawyer can help you avoid mistakes that could potentially harm your future and interests. In any divorce, there are multiple factors that each person needs to know about, and could use the help of a family law firm that is compassionate and will stop at nothing until the client receives the best possible outcome.

Community Property & Dividing Assets – Whether or not your divorce involves minor children, you will have to decide how your assets and debts should be divided upon divorce. Property division can be very complex in Arizona divorce cases, making it essential for you to seek help from a qualified divorce and property division attorney at Colburn Hintze Maletta. To determine how to equally divide property and assets during a divorce, there are many elements that family law courts or mediators will look at.

Child Custody & Parenting-tIme – Child custody disputes can be one of the most difficult situations for a parent to navigate. They can be time-consuming and often involve heightened emotional conflicts between the parents (and potentially even children as well). Whether your custody dispute is a part of a divorce, or you and the other parent were never married, you should talk to an experienced child custody lawyer at Colburn Hintze Maletta for assistance with your case.

Child Support – When a child’s parents separate (i.e no longer live together), the court may issue orders for child support. The purpose of child support is to establish a standard of support for children consistent with their reasonable needs and the parents’ ability to pay. Child support is ordered to provide children with a similar upbringing to what they might have received if their parents had remained together.

Same-Sex Marriage Divorce – Same-sex marriage first became legal in Arizona in 2014 after the state’s decision not to file an appeal of a federal court’s ruling that the state’s constitutional amendment that barred same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. In 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States followed with its decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, 132 S. Ct. 2071 (2015), which made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states.

Contested & Uncontested Divorce When people file for divorce in Arizona, not all cases end up in litigation. Some divorce petitions are uncontested, allowing the parties to get divorced without going through divorce a trial. An uncontested divorce is also much faster and less expensive than a contested divorce. In some instances, the parties can even finalize their divorce without ever stepping foot in a courtroom.

Spousal Support (Alimony) – When people file for divorce in Arizona, either spouse can ask the court for spousal support or maintenance. However, the court will not automatically order you or your spouse to pay alimony simply because it is requested. Instead, there are a multiple of factors that judges consider when determining whether or not to award spousal maintenance.  For example, a judge may order spousal maintenance when the lower-earning spouse needs help to get on his or her feet by completing training or education.

Protection Order (Restraining Order) – If you want to get a protective order, also known as a restraining order in Arizona, you need to understand what a protective order is and the types of protection it provides. Protective orders in Arizona are designed to restrain the subjects from harassing or perpetrating domestic violence against specific people or groups of individuals.

Tucson Directory of City Services and Places

*Disclaimer:The following resources are for informational purposes only and are provided by a third party. They are in no way endorsed, nor guaranteed service by CHM Law. Contacting them and/or retaining their services is at your own discretion


Tucson Divorce Counseling Resources

Pima County Conciliation Court – Family Center Family counselor 32 N Stone Ave Tucson AZ 85701
Family Counseling Agency Family counselor 209 S Tucson Blvd Tucson AZ 85716
Tarah Kerwin MA Marriage or relationship counselor 1717 N Tucson Blvd Tucson AZ 85716
He Said She Said Couples Counseling Marriage or relationship counselor 1717 N Tucson Blvd Tucson AZ 85716
Elaine Flannagan – Tucson Counseling Services Counselor 301 N Norton Ave Tucson AZ 85719
Randall T. Reynolds MED Counselor 631 N 2nd Ave Tucson AZ 85705
Zamora Counseling Psychotherapist 551 S Stephanie Loop Tucson AZ 85745
Divorce Recovery Tucson Attorney 924 N Alvernon Way Suite 131 Tucson AZ 85711

Tucson Marriage Counseling Services

He Said She Said Couples Counseling Marriage or relationship counselor 1717 N Tucson Blvd Tucson AZ 85716
Tarah Kerwin MA Marriage or relationship counselor 1717 N Tucson Blvd Tucson AZ 85716
Alternative Counseling Marriage or relationship counselor 5773 E Fort Lowell Rd Tucson AZ 85716
Hoyt Lauren Marriage or relationship counselor 2500 N Tucson Blvd #108 Tucson AZ 85716
Marriage & Communication Coaching Marriage or relationship counselor 1901 N Julius Stra Tucson AZ 85712
Thriveworks Counseling Marriage or relationship counselort 1580 N Kolb Rd #200 Tucson AZ 85715
Suzanne Lovejoy MA LMFT Marriage or relationship counselor N Swan Rd Tucson AZ 85718
Manifest Joy Counseling Marriage or relationship counselor 6805 E Camino Principal Tucson AZ 85715

Tucson Family Counseling Services

Dr. Tom Zimmerman Christian Counseling Family counselor 625 N 2nd Ave Tucson AZ 85705
Perception Counseling Family counselor The Simons Building 36 W Franklin St Tucson AZ 85701
Pima County Conciliation Court – Family Center Family counselor 32 N Stone Ave Tucson AZ 85701
Desert West Counseling Tucson Counselor 325 W Franklin St Tucson AZ 85701
Family Counseling Agency Family counselor 209 S Tucson Blvd Tucson AZ 85716
Old Pueblo Counseling Associates Family counselor 380 E Fort Lowell Rd #120 Tucson AZ 85705
Tucson Counseling Associates Mental health clinic 125 E Mabel St Tucson AZ 85705
HOLLANDER CAROL M. ED. LMFT Family counselor 430 N Tucson Blvd Tucson AZ 85716

Tucson Child Support Counseling

Pima County Conciliation Court – Family Center Family counselor 32 N Stone Ave Tucson AZ 85701
Family Counseling Agency Family counselor 209 S Tucson Blvd Tucson AZ 85716
Child & Family Support Services Mental health service 3955 E Fort Lowell Rd #115 Tucson AZ 85712
Casa de los Niños Social services organization 1120 N 5th Ave Tucson AZ 85705
Jewish Family & Children s Services of Southern Arizona Non-profit organization 4301 East 5th Street Tucson AZ 85711
Divorce Recovery Inc Social services organization 1051 N Columbus Blvd #103 Tucson AZ 85711
Tu Nidito Children & Family Services Social services organization 3922 N Mountain Ave Tucson AZ 85719
In Step Ministries Counselor 4270 E Sapphire Falls Dr Tucson AZ 85712

Tucson Neighborhoods

Local Services and Amenities in Tucson


City Map Of Tucson AZ Area

Directions from Tucson City Court

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Regardless of what type of family law matter you might be dealing with, the legal team at Colburn Hintze Maletta is prepared to help.  Call (602) 825-2500

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What People Say

Client Testimonials

Arizona attorney Darin Colburn

“The calm in the middle of my storm…”

I, recently, consulted with Darin after my wife filed for divorce. He was referred to me by a friend whom I very much trust. Darin was the antithesis of the first two attorneys I consulted (who were matter-of-fact and had very little empathy about the fact that I was struggling emotionally with what was transpiring). From the first few minutes of speaking with Darin, it was obvious that he was very knowledgeable and skilled with divorce and family matters. While that was most important to me, the thing that made the difference was his calming, logical, and empathetic approach. He took the time to listen and empathize with me. He took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve through this process and laid out my options. After the consultation, I knew he would be my attorney if I had to pull the trigger. I, ultimately, didn’t have to engage Darin’s services due to a reconciliation with my wife. I hope I never have to go through that process again, however, if I do, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt who I will be hiring to represent me…Darin R. Colburn. Darin, thank you for caring and being more than an attorney.

Frank - AVVO Review

Divorce / Reconciliation Client
Attorney David Maletta

“There is NOBODY I would rather have defending me than David”

I hired David Maletta and it was the best decision of my life. His knowledge, genuine interest, overall attitude, and ability to connect with people is incomparable. I could talk about all of this at length. I COULD do all of that, but that wouldn’t do David justice. He first and foremost demonstrates his interest and genuine care for his client. Being in uncharted territory with a criminal charge and nowhere to turn, David’s presence and personality put all nerves at ease. I went through a jury trial with David beside me. The trial ran for 3 days and I spent a significant amount of time with David one-on-one. During this stressful time, he wanted to hear my input and thoughts on everything. David was incredible from the first day I met him. Not only is he a great attorney, but he is also a great person who cares about people and finding justice for his clients. He connects to the human side of people. I can’t put into words how much David cares about the individual in a case. When it comes to the courtroom, there is NOBODY I would rather have defending me than David.

Jacob - AVVO Review

DUI Defense Client
Arizona attorney Darin Colburn

“Because of Darin I got my daughter back”

Before I hired Darin I went through a total of 3 different attorneys in two different states fighting a jurisdiction battle, when my daughter was taken to a different state. It was a very difficult decision to switch attorneys at one of the most difficult, time sensitive and important times in my case, but I’m very glad I did. Upon receiving my file from previous attorneys Darin came very familiar with my case quickly. Like other people have explained he took the time to lay everything out and explain how the process was going to proceed and what to expect and continued to do this as new issues arrived. He is also very quick at responding to emails and phone calls. My case was getting close to trial as told by my previous attorneys, I did not want to go to trial as I know this is very costly (most attorneys will convince you that you need to.) Darin knew my situation, fought for what was right and got the results I wanted while avoiding a costly trial. He is extremely knowledgeable in the Child Support Guidelines as well. Because of Darin I got my daughter back. I would highly recommend him and would hire again for any future issues. Thanks Darin!

Chris - AVVO Review

Child Custody & Support Client
Attorney David Maletta

“I was found NOT GUILTY. Dave won the trial for me.”

Dave stayed with me while he pushed back and forth with Covid-19 and the delays with court. Once cited, the state basically decides that you’re guilty through the automatic suspension of your drivers license. Dave immediately took care of that problem and I never lost the privilege of driving. Dave took notes like crazy and was upfront about our uphill battle. I was also well aware that the plea deal that was given to us, was unacceptable and through Dave’s knowledge and experience I had put my trust in him to guide me to make the right decision on how to proceed. With Dave’s guidance I had decided that we needed to fight for something better than what the prosecutor was offering and Dave was 100 percent behind me on that decision. We knew the risks, be we also knew we had very little to lose based on the prosecutions stance. We decided to go to trial… Watching the prosecution and then watching Dave was night and day!! It was clear to the jury that the prosecution didn’t have their facts straight and were not addressing the facts that they could not address…There was a lot at stake for my personal life and my work life. I was found NOT GUILTY. Dave won the trial for me.

Gregory - AVVO Review

Criminal Defense Client
Arizona Attorney Timothy Hintze

“Tim was absolutely amazing and worked diligently”

I had an incident and was Given the catch-all charge. There wasn’t really anything I could do by myself to get out of it. Tim was absolutely amazing and worked diligently to ensure that I would have the best possible outcome from my case. Which he successfully achieved! As of right now I am on the path to having my case fully dismissed. A couple things that really helped me through this process was that Tim did an amazing job at was answering my questions. He was available almost anytime and would respond promptly when he got my emails. He was also very approachable and comforting to be around while we had in person meetings and especially when I was at the court house. I would trust him and the company he works for with any other cases in the future and as of right now they will be my first choice if I need a lawyer in the future.

Dylan - AVVO Review

Criminal Defense Client
Arizona Attorney Timothy Hintze

“Listens to every request that you make on a case”

I honestly just want to let it be known to any and everyone looking for an attorney on a case. Whether it be DUI, possession, or your every day to day traffic violations where you need representation attorney Tim Hintze is your man. You have to respect a man that listens to every request that you make on a case and he gets in there and gets it done. Tim has my respect as an attorney and being a well-rounded representer. From him being honest on the possibility and options for your case to him being easy to work and communicate with via over the phone or face to face Mr. Hintze is working it out.

Ben - AVVO Review

Criminal Defense Client
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