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Mesa Arizona | Wikipedia

Criminal & DUI Representation in Mesa

Arizona Kidnapping & Child Endangerment Charges  – Kidnapping is likely one of your worse fears, especially if you have children. When you think of this crime, you may imagine the high-profile abductions seen in popular culture. Many kidnapping cases, however, in Arizona are not that dramatic. You must understand how Arizona defines this crime to know the rights you have when facing this charge. If your child or loved one has their rights violated, you also need to prepare for the report you will have to make. Continue reading below to learn more about both sides of this dangerous situation, whether you or a loved one are the victims or the perpetrators.

Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs Charges – When it comes to dangerous drugs, Arizona treats drug crimes very seriously. If the police charge you with distributing or manufacturing dangerous drugs, you potentially face life-altering penalties. If the people receiving the drugs are minors, the sentencing is even harsher and you could face many additional years in prison. Drug distribution or manufacturing charges should prompt you to retain an experienced dangerous drugs defense attorney at the law firm of Colburn Hintze Maletta as soon as possible. We can review your case and help you to understand your options.

Drug Trafficking Charge & Defenses – Charges of drug trafficking, or the transportation of illegal drugs, can result in severe consequences. Arizona has very strict laws carrying severe penalties for people who are convicted of trafficking drugs. As a border state, Arizona prioritizes fighting against drug trafficking and other drug offenses, and people might also face federal charges with even longer potential sentences. If the police have arrested and charged you with transporting or trafficking illegal drugs, you should speak with a drug crimes lawyer at Colburn Hintze Maletta as soon as possible. Retaining an experienced defense lawyer might make the difference between whether you remain free or face prison time.

Possesion of Drug Paraphernalia – Possession of drug paraphernalia in Arizona can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. Drug paraphernalia includes anything you might use to store, prepare, make, contain, ingest, inject, or consume illegal drugs. The definition is very broad and can include common items like baggies, scales, aluminum foil, capsules, pipes, rolling papers, straws, spoons, grinders, and needles. When prosecutors decide to charge drug paraphernalia as a felony offense, the case will be filed in superior court. If they decide to charge possession of drug paraphernalia as a misdemeanor, it will be filed in justice court or municipal court.

Arizona Marijuana Laws – When Arizona voters approved recreational marijuana by passing Proposition 207 in Nov. 2020, they created a sea-change in the state. With the legalization of recreational marijuana, some essential changes to the state’s criminal laws for marijuana possession occurred. However, even with marijuana legalization, it is still possible for people to be charged with marijuana offenses when they do not comply with the law. The attorneys at Colburn Hintze Maletta can help you to understand what is allowed and what to avoid under the new Arizona marijuana laws for 2021.

Misdemeanor & Felony Theft Charges– If you are charged with a theft or fraud offense in Arizona, the potential penalties can be severe. People convicted of theft or fraud charges may face thousands of dollars in fines, restitution, long jail or prison sentences, and civil penalties. If you or a loved one is facing a fraud charge or theft charge, understanding the various classifications of these types of crimes can help you. At Colburn Hintze Maletta, our experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorneys can help you understand the charges you are facing, their potential penalties, and the defenses that might be available to you.

Sexual Abuse Charges – Being charged in Arizona with sexual abuse can be devastating. If you are convicted of this offense, you can expect a lengthy prison sentence, fines, mandatory sex offender registration, and other penalties. Being accused of sex abuse is a frightening and stigmatizing experience for most people. Talking to an experienced sexual abuse lawyer at Colburn Hintze Maletta can help you understand your legal options and the available defense strategies.

Sexual Assault Charges – Criminal sexual assault is a very serious crime in Arizona. Also known as rape, a conviction for this offense can result in decades in prison and other severe penalties. If you are convicted of rape, you will also have to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life after you complete your prison sentence. Being accused of a rape offense will also result in substantial public stigma. Even though you are supposed to be presumed innocent until and unless the prosecutor proves your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, many people assume that someone accused of rape is guilty. This can result in severe reputation damage, job loss, and other problems.

Sex Offender Related Charges – If you have been convicted of a sex crime in Arizona, sex offender registration might be mandatory for you. In addition to other penalties, some sex crimes also require people to register as sex offenders after they are released from jail or prison. After you have served your sentence, you must register with the sheriff’s office in your county on a temporary or permanent basis if your sex offense was a felony or an attempted sex crime. If you fail to comply with the registration procedures, you could face a new criminal charge carrying severe penalties, including prison time.

Luring a Minor – Luring a minor for sexual exploitation can be one of the most harshest penalized sex crimes in Arizona. If you are convicted of this offense, you will face a long prison sentence followed by mandatory registration as a sex offender. You should take your charges seriously and contact an experienced sex crimes defense attorney at Colburn Hintze Maletta as soon as possible. We can help you to understand what to expect and discuss the potential defenses that we might be able to raise to defend you.

Sexual Misconduct with a Minor Charges – In the state of Arizona, people who are convicted of sex offenses are punished very harshly. One of the most serious offenses with which you can be charged is criminal sexual conduct with a minor. The penalties you might face for a conviction of this offense will depend on the victim’s age, the circumstances, and your past criminal record. In some cases, a conviction could result in a sentence of up to life in prison. At Colburn Hintze Maletta, our experienced sex crimes defense attorneys provide knowledgeable and skilled representation to people who are charged with sexual conduct with a minor, child molestation, and other similar offenses.

Assault vs Aggravated Assault Charges – In Arizona, you can be charged with a misdemeanor or felony assault under several different circumstances. An assault conviction can leave you with a criminal record and potentially result in a lengthy jail or prison sentence, stiff fines, and a loss of your civil rights. If you are facing assault charges, it is essential for you to take your case seriously. An experienced criminal defense attorney at Colburn Hintze Maletta can review your case and help you to understand the penalties you are facing and the legal defenses that might be available to you.

Child Abuse Charges – In Arizona, child or vulnerable adult abuse allegations are serious and can negatively affect your life. Just being charged with child abuse can cause negative impacts even if you are not convicted of the offense. Child abuse accusations can cause you to lose your custody and visitation rights with your child and expose you to criminal penalties. At Colburn Hintze Maletta, our experienced criminal defense attorneys understand how serious child abuse charges are. We are prepared to aggressively defend you against the allegations against you to secure the most favorable outcome possible.

Disorderly Conduct – In Arizona, one of the most commonly charged criminal offenses is disorderly conduct. You can be charged with this crime in a wide variety of circumstances. Actions that can be considered to be disorderly conduct include such things as making an unreasonably loud noise, disrupting a business, causing a commotion, recklessly handling a gun, fighting, and other forms of disruptive behavior. While most types of disorderly conduct are misdemeanors, you could face a felony if you are charged with recklessly displaying or handling a gun.

Domestic Violences – In Arizona, domestic violence is treated seriously by the courts. Domestic violence is not a separate crime but is instead a sentence enhancer that can apply to multiple other charges. An offense can be designated as a domestic violence crime when the defendant and the alleged victim have a qualifying type of relationship. Many other offenses can also be charged as domestic violence offenses. If you have been accused of a crime with a domestic violence designation attached, you should talk to an experienced domestic violence lawyer at Colburn Hintze Maletta.

Manslaughter & Homicide – In Arizona, homicides are among the most severe types of felony offenses that are charged. If you have been accused of a homicide offense, it is critical for you to get help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. There are several different homicide offenses in Arizona with additional penalties. The particular offense you might be charged with will depend on the circumstances surrounding the victim’s death. No matter what happened, do not talk to the police officers who are investigating you or who arrest you.

Misdemeanor DUI – Seeing flashing lights in your rearview mirror after going out for a couple of drinks can be frightening. Because Arizona is known for being a “zero-tolerance state,” you do not have to drink very much alcohol to be charged and arrested for a DUI. According to Arizona DUI laws, the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration is 0.08%, which can equal the amount of alcohol you might get in one or two beverages, depending on your gender, weight, the food you consumed, and the time during which you were drinking. Even if your BAC is lower than 0.08%, you can also face DUI charges for driving while impaired by alcohol. DUI charges are very common in Phoenix and can carry severe penalties.

Extreme DUI and Super Extreme DUI in Arizona – In Arizona, being charged with driving under the influence can potentially wreak havoc on your life. While the penalties for even a first offense DUI are harsh, the potential consequences of an extreme or super extreme DUI in Arizona are even more severe. If your blood alcohol concentration tests at 0.15% or higher within two hours of driving, you can be charged with one of these more serious DUI offenses. Because of the potential penalties that you could face, you should talk to an experienced DUI defense lawyer at Colburn Hintze Maletta as soon as possible for help with defending against your charges.

Felony Aggravated DUI – Many Arizona DUIs are misdemeanors, including regular, extreme, and super extreme DUIs. However, you can be charged with an aggravated or felony DUI in the state when certain aggravating factors are present. An aggravated DUI is a felony and carries harsh penalties and other repercussions. If you face aggravated felony DUI charges, you should promptly retain an experienced defense lawyer at Colburn Hintze Maletta.

Marijuana DUI – With the passing of Proposition 207 in the November 2020 election, recreational marijuana is now legal in Arizona. Since marijuana use in Arizona by adults over the age of 21 is legal for both recreational and medical purposes, some people might be unaware that they can be charged with a DUI on marijuana if they are driving while impaired to the slightest degree. Even though marijuana is now legal, it is still against the law if you “drive while high” – but there are numerous factors to determine whether or not a person is impaired.

Prescription Drug DUI – Many Arizonans are surprised when they are charged with a DUI on drugs for their legally prescribed medications. However, Arizona’s DUI laws allow you to be charged with a DUI on prescription drugs when an officer believes that you are impaired to the slightest degree by your medication. In certain cases, people will be stopped by the police and told that they are allegedly impaired, even though they are following their doctors’ orders. If you face these types of charges, you should get help from experienced DUI attorneys at Colburn Hintze Maletta.

Boating DUI or OUI Charges –  In Arizona, it is a crime to operate a boat on any body of water while intoxicated with any drug or alcohol. There are three names for this specific conviction, including a boating OUI, a BUI, or a boating DUI. Many of the consequences for these charges are similar to those for a standard DUI while in a car. The differences are that you are in control of a watercraft rather than a vehicle. You must schedule a consultation with a defense attorney who can explain the options you have after an arrest.

Underage Drinking DUI – No matter your age, it is illegal for anyone to drive under the influence of any drug, including alcohol, in Arizona. When you receive your license, your actions are under the Implied Consent Law. This legal term means that officers have the right to give you a blood alcohol concentration test at any time. In Arizona, there are differences between an adult and an underage DUI. Penalties will also vary on your blood alcohol concentration reading. Thankfully, a Phoenix Underage DUI attorney at Colburn Hintze Maletta can help you manage your DUI case, providing you with the defenses you need to lower your sentencing and possibly even dismissing the case all together.

Mesa Directory of City Services & Places

*Disclaimer:The following resources are for informational purposes only and are provided by a third party. They are in no way endorsed, nor guaranteed service by CHM Law. Contacting them and/or retaining their services is at your own discretion


Mesa Police Stations, Courts, and Jails

Mesa Police Department Police department 130 N Robson Mesa AZ 85201
Mesa Police Fiesta District Station Police station 1010 W Grove Ave Mesa AZ 85210
Mesa Police Station Red Mountain City government office 4333 E University Dr Mesa AZ 85205
City of Mesa Police Department Police department Mesa AZ 85201
Mesa City Government: City Plaza Building City government office 20 E Main St Mesa AZ 85201
Mesa City Council Chambers City government office 57 E 1st St Mesa AZ 85201
Tempe City Hall City Hall 31 E 5th St Tempe AZ 85281
Mesa Municipal Court City courthouse 250 E 1st Ave Mesa AZ 85210
Watkins Jail Correctional services department 2670 S 28th Dr Phoenix AZ 85041
Corrections Department Prison 460 N Mesa Dr Mesa AZ 85201

Mesa Bail Bond Services

Didn t Do It Bail Bonds Bail bonds service 1837 S Mesa Dr a200 Mesa AZ 85210
Alliance Bail Bonds Bail bonds service 1013 S Stapley Dr Mesa AZ 85204
Renegade Bail Bonds Bail bonds service 244 N Country Club Dr Mesa AZ 85201
Budget Bail Bonds Bail bonds service 8 E 6th Ave B Mesa AZ 85210
Bailzona Bail Bonds Bail bonds service 8831 E Main St UNIT 1 Mesa AZ 85207

Mesa Hospitals & Urgent Care

Banner Desert Medical Center Medical Center 1400 S Dobson Rd Mesa AZ 85202
Mesa Family Medical Clinic Medical Center|Doctor|Urgent care center|Walk-in clinic 637 E Main St ste b Mesa AZ 85203
Banner Urgent Care Urgent care center|Medical clinic|X-ray lab 1955 W Guadalupe Rd Ste 1 Mesa AZ 85202
HonorHealth | FastMed Urgent Care Urgent care center|Doctor|Emergency care service|Medical clinic|Women’s health clinic|Walk-in clinic 835 W University Dr Mesa AZ 85201
1st Care Family Medical Clinic Medical clinic|Doctor|Medical Center|Women’s health clinic|Pediatrician|STD testing service|Urgent care center|Walk-in clinic|Weight loss service 637 E Main St Unit B Mesa AZ 85203

Mesa Neighborhoods

Local Services and Amenities in Mesa


City Map Of Mesa AZ Area

Directions from Mesa Municipal Court

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