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– About Attorney Henry Alzate –

Henry Alzate

Henry Alzate


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I practice in every area of Family Law. I have practiced for fourteen years in too many areas to enumerate fully, but some of them are appeals, child custody, child support, divorce, cases where two states are involved, jurisdiction, domestic violence, property division, alimony, real estate, business law, and more.

I have been married for 22 years and have two children I adore. One is 19, the other is 17. I know despair in the face of injustice, and I have jumped up into the air when justice has been vindicated.

I love the law and I love the United States of America and the Constitution. The United States Constitution is short and simple, and yet it is the Queen Law of the Land in every area, including Family Court. I have sworn an oath to protect and uphold these beloved principles.

For me, this is not a job; this is a deep belief and a vocation, a calling. I have known oppression and I have known freedom. I grew up in the Republic of Colombia under violent and murderous regimes.

When you come to me for counsel, I will do everything I can to achieve what you need and want. You will find me direct: “Sin pelos en la lengua” (meaning “without hairs on my tongue”), which is my favorite saying in Spanish.

You will find me a scholar of the law. Do I brag? Yes. I do. I am proud of my knowledge. I enjoy filing appeals and motions to help you win your case.

I attended Indiana University School of Law. In that school of the law, one of our points of pride was writing well and persuasively. I want you to know that the law is full of judgment calls, and one-shot-that’s-all-you-get margin calls. I know appeals and I know the Rules of Evidence.

Because I love the law and law research, the law sticks to me like honey. The law is the taxi (parked on the street, sterile, driverless), you, your life, your story, that is the driver of the law. Therefore, I will be gazing at your life, your story, your relationships. I want you to be prepared, to maximize your opportunity. When you have children, your life will be under scrutiny. That is the law. I will accompany you on your journey. I will guide you on the reach of the court’s power as well as its limitations. This knowledge is key to guiding your strategy and avoiding debilitating disappointment.

I love my profession and I respect my clients deeply. However, I may curse sometimes because I get excited. Your case is not a “case” it is a part of your life; you are a person. I will personify you in a system with thousands of cases that sound like the same story to a busy Judge.

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