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On September 7, 2020,  a civilian witness called the police and stated that there was an extremely intoxicated man at the Circle K located at Saguaro and Shea.  The witness said the man appeared intoxicated, sounded drunk, was slurring his speech, and his pants were wet giving the appearance that he had urinated on himself.  The civilian witness said the male entered his vehicle and had swerved outside of his lane three times. Sergeant Douglas from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office stopped the client.

Sergeant Douglas allegedly observed that the client had slurred speech, poor balance, a slow and sluggish demeanor, and watery eyes.  The client made an admission to consuming a couple of margaritas and taking a medication called suboxone. On a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 was perfectly sober and 10 was falling down drunk, the client rated himself a 4.  The client exhibited six clues on the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) test.  The client submitted to a portable breath test and the result was a .156.  Sergeant Douglas arrested the client.  

The client was transported to the station and submitted to a breath test.  The results of the breath test were a .167 for the first blow and a .162 for the second blow.

The client took a plea to DUI impaired to the slightest degree and all of the other charges were dismissed.

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