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The allegations were that my client got into an argument at a restaurant and asked the other person to step outside.  They alleged my client then beat up the other person and then left.  The victim’s friend and other witnesses corroborated his story.

The plea offer was to plead to Disorderly Conduct and to have a permanent conviction.  We proceeded to trial.  At trial, the victim and his friend testified.  We had previously interviewed the victim and audio recorded the interview.

On the stand, the victim’s friend made a false statement under oath that our client had asked the victim to step outside.  However, that was not what he said in his interview with us months earlier.  The victim’s friend stated in the interview that the victim had asked my client to step outside.  We impeached the victim’s friend with his prior inconsistent recorded statement.  He was caught lying under oath.  The verdict came back not guilty for all of the charges.

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