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The Parties were under an order for joint legal decision-making authority. Prior to Client’s retention of Colburn Hintze Maletta (“CHM”), Client attempted for almost one year to make a joint decision with the Opposing Party regarding where their child would attend preschool. After the Opposing Party refused to engage in good faith discussions with our Client and ignored the issue for over a year, the Client reserved a spot for the Child in the school of her choice.

Approximately two weeks prior to the start of the school year, the Opposing Party unilaterally (without any prior notice or discussion) enrolled the Child in a different school. During his parenting time, the Opposing Party refused to take the Child to the school selected by our Client. As a result, the Child began Kindergarten attending two different schools part-time.

CHM Law aggressively pursued Court intervention on behalf of the Client and the Child and secured an evidentiary hearing on the issue. By presenting pointed and well-organized evidence at the hearing, including persuasive argument supporting the Client’s position and relentless cross-examination highlighting the Opposing Party’s unreasonableness, the Court ruled in Client’s favor and ordered Father to disenroll the Child from his school and begin taking the Child to the school chosen by Client.

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