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We filed for divorce for our client after she decided her 11-year marriage was coming to an end. Our client made it clear in our first meeting that she wanted the process to be as quick and easy as possible. We filed for divorce and for temporary orders. Her husband hired an attorney, and we went to work negotiating a favorable outcome for our client.

Our client stated that she would be happy if she could get her house, and her car, and if her ex-husband would pay all of the community debts. The parties had tens of thousands of dollars of community debt from credit cards, personal loans, vehicles, etc. We strategized with our client to figure out the best way to deal with her ex-husband. When we advised her that we should push for spousal maintenance (alimony), she stated that she did not believe her ex-husband would ever be willing to agree to pay her.

We went to work right away, combing through documents, and were able to find transactions in her ex-husband’s bank records that we used to our advantage during the negotiations. We were able to reach a favorable settlement on all issues in the divorce in an expeditious manner.

In the end, our client walked away from the divorce with her house and car, both owned free and clear and with zero debt, through negotiations with the opposing attorney, we were able to get her ex-husband to agree to assume every penny of the tens of thousands of dollars of debt. On top of that, much to our client’s surprise, we were able to get her 5 years of spousal maintenance (alimony), which she thought was never going to happen. Our client was thrilled with reaching a favorable settlement without having the expense of going to trial and was happy to be able to move on with her life as quickly as possible

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