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Our client showed up at her ex-boyfriend’s house after a night out. Her ex-boyfriend had another woman over at his house. Our client allegedly became upset, forced her way into the house, and began striking her ex-boyfriend and trying to go upstairs. During her struggle to go upstairs, she allegedly knocked a picture frame off of the wall, which shattered on the floor. She was also allegedly yelling loud enough during the altercation that the woman upstairs called the police. The 911 caller watched out the window of the upstairs bedroom and told police that our client was hitting her ex-boyfriend.

The woman also stated that our client was throwing gravel from the front yard at her ex-boyfriend. Our client got into her car and allegedly drove into her ex-boyfriend’s garage door, causing damage to the door, before backing out of the driveway and driving away. A short time later, she came back to the house and again tried to get inside while arguing with her ex-boyfriend.

We were able to negotiate a diversion plea agreement that would have led to a dismissal of all charges if our client completed 6 months of domestic violence classes. However, our client was a single mom and business owner who did not have the spare time necessary to complete the program. So, we set the case to trial and prepared to fight for a victory. When we showed up ready for trial, the prosecutor backed down and dismissed all of the charges against our client. She was able to keep her record clean and avoid any of the penalties and stigma attached to a Domestic Violence conviction.

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