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The allegations were that our client was involved in a domestic violence assault with his girlfriend. The police witnessed this incident.  Our client ran from the police, and they chased him. Police found our client hiding under a vehicle. The police attempted to arrest him and the client overpowered them and some police were knocked to the ground and injured.  Some officers were taken to the hospital.

The best offer the prior attorney was able to get for the client was to plead to permanent felony convictions that would stay on his record as felonies for the rest of his life.  After we drafted a lengthy deviation request, had a settlement conference with a judge, and set the case for trial, we negotiated a new offer.   The new offer was to plead guilty to undesignated class 6 felonies, which means after completion of successful probation, the offenses would be designated a misdemeanor.

Halfway through probation, we filed a motion to terminate probation and designate the convictions as misdemeanors.  The court terminated probation and designated the offense as misdemeanors. The court then set aside the convictions.

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