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Client had a child out of wedlock with the Opposing Party. Although the Parties were briefly in a relationship, during the pregnancy, it became apparent to Client that the Opposing Party was abusive, which led Client to terminate the relationship before the Child was born.

Despite being completely absent from the Child’s first year of life, the Opposing Party, who had been charged with a domestic violence offense from an incident during the Parties’ relationship, unexpectedly initiated a proceeding to establish equal parenting time and joint legal decision-making authority over the Child. Client retained Colburn Hintze Maletta (CHM Law) because she strongly believed the Opposing Party’s requests to be contrary to the Child’s best interest.

Additionally, the Opposing Party’s filing interfered with the Client’s plan to relocate out of state with the Child to be closer to her family and support system. By executing a carefully thought-out plan of attack developed after the Client’s initial hearing, CHM Law was able to get the case dismissed without prejudice, thereby enabling Mother to relocate with the Child as planned and mitigating the risk that the Opposing Party would be able to abruptly and detrimentally insert himself in and out of the Child’s life in the future.

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