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Our client came to us after the Father of her child obtained emergency temporary orders granting the Father sole legal decision-making authority and sole physical custody. The emergency temporary orders only allowed our client to have 2 hours of supervised visitation per week at a supervising facility, at her expense.

We got on the case and immediately began preparing for an evidentiary hearing to fight the emergency temporary orders that were granted. Our client had previously been told that it would be an uphill battle because the judge had ruled heavily in the Father’s favor by granting the emergency temporary orders and there was video footage of incidents that the opposing party recorded in an attempt to paint a negative picture of our client. Undeterred, we fought to completely turn the tables on the opposing party.

At the evidentiary hearing, through ruthless and careful cross-examination, we were able to back the Father into a corner and get him to admit on the record that he lied to the court to obtain the emergency temporary orders. By the end of the evidentiary hearing, the judge was completely on our client’s side.

The Father’s emergency temporary orders were dismissed and our client was designated the primary residential parent. Our client was granted sole legal decision-making authority and the opposing party was ordered to pay our client child support. The opposing party was also ordered to complete domestic violence and anger management classes. To add to the victory, we were able to get the judge to order the opposing party to pay all of our attorney’s fees and costs related to fighting and winning the temporary orders hearing.

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