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Client hired Colburn Hintze Maletta (CHM Law) after receiving a copy of a Default Decree awarding Maternal Grandmother and her former boyfriend extensive overnight visitation with the Client’s Child, who they had not seen or interacted with in over five years. The client came to the Firm distraught, faced with the threats by these individuals that they would seek enforcement and contempt if he did not hand his Child over to them as ordered.

After a thorough analysis of the case history and record and diligent research, CHM Law filed a motion to set aside (i.e., vacate) the Default Decree obtained by the Opposing Parties on grounds Client never received proper notice of the original proceeding, which prevailed over the Opposing Parties’ strong objections. While getting the Default Decree set aside was a major victory, it was really only the beginning because the case essentially reset from square one, with the Opposing Parties vying for extensive overnight visitation with the Client’s son. Fortunately for the Client, this time around, he was fully informed about the process and did not have to fight alone.

Armed with spirited representation by CHM Law’s talented and unremitting legal team, Client prevailed at trial with the Court denying the Opposing Party’s petition in its entirety—meaning that they went from having court-ordered overnight visitation rights against Client’s will to no visitation rights whatsoever. Not only did CHM convince the Court that Client’s position was consistent with the Child’s best interest, but we also successfully argued that one of the third parties, the Maternal Grandmother’s former boyfriend, had no legal standing to pursue visitation rights in the first place.

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