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An annulment is a determination by the court that at the time of marriage there was some issue or error preventing a legal marriage from being established, thus the parties were never legally married.


Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
annulment (noun)
the act of the state of being - annulling annulled
a judicial or ecclesiastical pronouncement declaring a marriage invalid
Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus
annulment (noun)
the doing away with something by formal action
abatement, abolishment, abrogation, annulment, avoidance, cancellation ( cancelation), defeasance, dissolution, invalidation, negation, nullification, quashing, repeal, rescindment, voiding
abortion, calling off, recall; countermand, override, overruling, overturn, veto; retraction, reversal, revocation, suspension, withdrawal; banning, enjoining, forbiddance, outlawing, prohibition; disallowance, dismissal, rejection; elimination, eradication, erasure, liquidation, removal
enactment, legislation; establishment, founding, institution; formalization, legalization, legitimation, legitimization, validation; passing, ratification; approval, authorization, clearance, endorsement ( indorsement), permission, sanctioning; commandment, decreeing, mandating, ordering, prescription
Annul, annulled
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