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A person who makes a written record of all court proceedings, prepares transcripts, and publishes opinions/decisions.


Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
reporter (noun)
one that as - reports
a) a person who makes authorized statements of law decisions or legislative proceedings
b) a person who makes a shorthand record of a speech or proceeding
c) (1) a person employed by a newspaper, magazine, or television company to gather and news - report
(2) a person who broadcasts news
Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus
reporter (noun)
a person employed by a newspaper, magazine, or radio or television station to gather, write, or report news
correspondent, intelligencer, journalist, newshound, newsman, newsperson, pressman
announcer, broadcaster, newscaster, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newswoman; anchor, anchorman, anchorperson, anchorwoman; byliner, columnist, commentator; copyreader, editor; muckraker, photojournalist, police reporter, sportswriter, staffer, stringer
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