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Cheyenne Benthin infant death


In a poignant case that has gripped the community, Cheyenne Benthin, a mother from Gilbert, is courageously taking a stand in her quest for justice against the Gilbert Police Department. Despite the medical examiner’s determination that her toddler’s tragic death was due to natural causes, the investigation into the incident remains open, casting a shadow of uncertainty over Cheyenne’s life.

The heart-wrenching death of Heston Bartlett, Cheyenne’s 22-month-old son, on July 21, 2023, has propelled her to initiate legal action against the authorities. The refusal of Gilbert Police to close the case, despite the medical examiner’s findings, has only compounded Cheyenne’s anguish and turmoil.

Recalling the night of the tragedy, Cheyenne emphasizes the normalcy of the evening and the sudden, unexplainable turn of events. Despite her full cooperation, she found herself subjected to lengthy interrogations and unwarranted accusations, adding to her distress during an already devastating time.

The Medical Examiner’s report shed light on crucial details, attributing Heston’s passing to a probable seizure triggered by a virus, with no indication of foul play or abuse. Nevertheless, Gilbert Police’s persistence in keeping the investigation open has left Cheyenne in a state of limbo, fighting to reclaim her reputation and custody of her daughter.

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In a bid for transparency and accountability, Cheyenne’s attorney, Jessica Hernandez, an associate at Phoenix law firm Colburn Hintze Maletta, issued a resolute statement: “In the pursuit of justice for Cheyenne and her family, we will not rest until the truth is revealed and her name is rightfully cleared.” With unwavering determination, Jessica stands by her client, advocating for the truth and fairness in the face of adversity.

As they press forward in their legal battle, Cheyenne and Jessica seek closure and justice for a grieving mother and her family, standing steadfast against the injustices that have plagued their lives. Together, they remain committed to uncovering the truth and reclaiming Cheyenne’s rightful place in the pursuit of justice.

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