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Client hired Colburn Hintze Maletta (CHM Law) to represent him at a temporary order hearing whereat the Opposing Party attempted to reduce his parenting time and obtain sole legal decision-making authority. Over the Opposing Party’s objection, after the hearing, the Court issued favorable Temporary Orders for equal parenting time and joint legal decision-making authority.

More than one month later, the Court inexplicably issued a second set of Temporary Orders reducing Client’s parenting time to every other weekend and requiring that it be supervised. Both Client and CHM Law were devasted by this unacceptable and clearly erroneous development. With more than eighty years of combined family law experience, the attorneys at CHM knew the Court must have mistakenly issued the second set of Temporary Orders.

Our team of attorneys immediately jumped into action to correct the Court’s mistake by filing a well-reasoned motion to amend, which was supported by ample case law. Throughout the process, having already seen us in action during our successful Temporary Orders Hearing, the Client maintained faith in the CHM Law team and was rewarded when CHM Law convinced the Court to acknowledge its mistake and reaffirm the original Temporary Orders.

While it was not possible in this case to predict or prevent the Court’s error, CHM Law achieved victory by focusing on what it could control: identifying and executing the best path forward.  After all, often, the most important move is the next one.

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