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Glossary of Legal Terms & Definitions

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  •   A process where a child, due to age or circumstance, requests a court to declare them legally independent from their parents.  
  •   Is Latin for “in the bench” or “full bench.” It is a term used when an entire appellate court or the U.S. Supreme Court sit to hear a case, instead of only a portion.   
  •   An agreement between parents that equally splits the children’s time between them each year.  
  •   The Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides that state government institutions must equally apply the law to each person regardless of preference or class of persons over another.  
  •   Evidence is testimony or documentation presented by either party to the judge or jury to support their argument and persuade them to rule in their favor.  
  •   Ex parte is a Latin phrase for when a party asks for relief from the court without providing notice to the opposing party. Typically, an ex parte proceeding is done to obtain orders of protection.  
  •   An exhibit is documentation, such as a report or photograph, or physical evidence, such as a gun, presented at trial in support of one party’s argument.  
  •   A third party not directly involved in a legal proceeding who has specialized knowledge of a subject and is asked to testify on how that knowledge applies to the case. For example, an expert on poison could testify about the type of poison used to kill someone.  
  •   Expungement is a legal process that allows a person convicted of a crime to petition a court to destroy any record of the case from court records, so it is like the case never existed.  
  •   When a state or country agrees to turnover an accused criminal to another state or country.  

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