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Glossary of Legal Terms & Definitions

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  •   In a criminal case, a prosecutor must prove the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If they cannot prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt, then the defendant is entitled to an acquittal. This is the highest burden of proof in the legal system.  
  •   A written recording of all proceedings and actions in a lawsuit.  
  •   When a case is appealed to an appellate court, it is reviewed for any procedural errors. If errors are found, the court will send, or remand, the case back to the lower court for further proceedings, which may or may not change the final decision. A remand in the context of Grand Jury(...)
  •   A person who makes a written record of all court proceedings, prepares transcripts, and publishes opinions/decisions.  
  •   The term used for the person against whom an appeal of a court decision is brought or a term for the person answering a complaint in a civil case.  
  •   An amount of money paid to an attorney to reserve them for when a client needs their services at a later date.  
  •   When an appellate court finds an error with a lower court’s decision, the appellate court will set aside or reverse the decision and remand the case back to the lower court to issue a new decision.  
  •   The standards governing the form and admissibility of evidence in a civil or criminal case.  
  •   The Revised Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act: a statute that assists in establishing and enforcing support obligations when parents reside in different states. This act has been adopted by most states.  

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