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Glossary of Legal Terms & Definitions

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  •   A Latin phrase referring to a person treated as a parent by a child, and that has established a meaningful parental relationship with them over a period but are not legally or biologically their parent.  
  •   A written accusation submitted to the court by a grand jury, after hearing the prosecution’s evidence, charging a person with committing a crime.  
  •   a person who cannot financially afford their own legal representation, so the court will have to appoint an attorney to represent them.  
  •    In a criminal case, it is when a defendant first comes in front of a judge to determine if there is probable cause for their arrest and to establish release conditions.  
  •   In a criminal case, it is when the judge informs the defendant of the charges against them, their rights moving forward, and decides what bail will be.  
  •   An order from the court stopping another party from performing a specific act to prevent or mitigate damage or injury.  
  •   A set of questions included in a party’s discovery request to the opposing party that is required to be answered in writing under oath.  
  •   A meeting between parties to ask questions and gather information.  

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