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Glossary of Legal Terms & Definitions

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  •   A temporary order issued by the court to prevent immediate and irreparable damages or loss in an emergency.  
  •   When a person answers questions in court as a witness.  
  •   The answers a person gives when testifying as a witness in a case. Testimony is considered evidence in a trial.  
  • When a person or entity breaches a duty to another person causing a civil wrong or injury.  
  •   An exact written record of what was said in a trial or other proceeding related to a case.  
  •   A legal proceeding that happens when a defendant pleads “not guilty” and challenges the state’s evidence in front of a judge or jury. A trial occurs if opposing parties are unable to reach an alternative resolution.  
  •   A legal device set up by a person or business to help manage real or personal property for the benefit of another.  
  •   The person or entity appointed in trust documents to manage the real or personal property put into a trust.  

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