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Glossary of Legal Terms & Definitions

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  •   A federal law enforcement officer that enforces the rules of behavior in federal courtrooms.  
  •   A term used when an appellate court chooses not to reverse a lower court’s decision.  
  •   A term for when a case or hearing is canceled.  
  •   A term for when a case or hearing is canceled.  
  •   The geographical location that has authority to hear a matter.  
  •   The final determination of a jury or judge as to fact or law which forms the basis for the court’s judgment. The final decision in a case, i.e., guilty or not guilty in a criminal case.  
  •   The process by which a jury is chosen for trial from among a group of eligible people by questioning them on their ability and willingness to be fair and impartial and decide the case based only on the evidence presented at trial.  
  •   A written order by the court giving authority to law enforcement to either arrest a party or search a specific location for items.  
  •    A person that swears, under oath, to truthfully testify in court about what they saw, heard, or otherwise observed.  
  •   A collection of books that lists statutory and judicial definitions of legal words and phrases.  
  •   A benefit paid by a state-run agency when an employee is hurt on the job.  
  •   A benefit paid by a state-run agency when an employee is hurt on the job.  
  •   A written order from a court instructing a person or business to do or not to do something.  
  •   An order issued by the United States Supreme Court ordering a lower court to send all the records for a case to the United States Supreme Court for review often for the purpose of choosing whether to hear the case or issues presented in the case.   
  •   A written court order instructing a court officer to take property in satisfaction of a debt one party is shown to owe another.  
  •   A written court order giving someone authority to have property, money, or credits seized and applied to a debt owed to them by another.  
  •   When the reasons for firing an employee are unlawful or violate the terms of their employment contract.  

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